In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is

PEB (PhoneEbook)


PEB on a Nokia 6310i

Waiting on a friend? bus? and looking for something to read?

Then try PEB.

PEB, short for PhoneEBook, is the perfect companion for your JAVA enabled mobile. With PEB you have a virtual library at your fingertips. Well beyond the capacity of SMS, PEB gives you access to virtually limitless amounts of information. PEB readers have the freedom to publish their own content with easy to use tools. Whole books can be read on your device in easy to download sections. Freedom to read when and where you have time!


  • J2ME v1.1
  • JAD
  • JAR
  • Blackberry v1.0
  • ALX
  • COD
  • 140 devices have reported installing PEB successfully.

Using PEB Is Simple!

  • Install the application.
  • Add a book or open an existing book.
  • Start reading.
From the book list,
  • ADD: Allows you to enter the URL of a book you would like to read.
  • OPEN: Opens a book listed in the book list.
  • DELETE: Removes a book from the book list.
  • EXIT: Exits the program, saving your preferences and reading positions.
While reading,
  • CLOSE: Close the book, save your position and return to the book list.
  • INFO: Show the current book position.
    This display is slightly different on each device, but always indicates the percantage of the book read.


  • What Format(s) does PEB Read?

  • Currently PEB will read books in PalmDOC format.

  • This should not be confused with Palm Reader files, or others.

  • See below for some sample books.

  • Problems Downloading your Book?

  • Check the syntax of the URL you entered.

  • It is case sensitive so be sure you have typed it exactly.

  • How Big is PEB?

  • PEB is a 26k download, however it may be larger when stored on the device.

  • How Large are the Books?

  • Books vary in size, for example:

  • The US Declaration of Independence is 4.6KB

  • While War And Peace is 1575.4 KB

  • Remember, PEB is capable of supporting any size book since it downloads the book in small pieces as needed.
    Are There any Books Already Online?


Open Bugs

  • Siemens (All Models): Some models work, some will not. Worth a try.

Fixed Bugs

  • Wierd word wrap on RIM devices (emulators).