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Phallout on a Nokia 6310i

Phallout is an updated version of the classic paddle game, the user slides the paddle to control the ball as they break away the bricks to score points.

Simple, yet challenging, Phallout is a perfect way to pass time on your own but, Phallout lets you compete for the high score with other players.


  • Move the paddle left (4 key or left arrow) and right (6 key or right arrow) to knock out all the blocks.
  • Sometimes just a few blocks remain and they are hard to hit. If this happens you can press the 2 key to skip to the next level but beware each time the level increases the game moves faster and the paddle gets narrower!
  • If you need a break pause the game by pressing the 0 key.


  • If you think you can compete with others enter your nickname at the end of the game and see how you stack up.
  • If you prefer not to submit your score, simply press cancel when prompted for a nickname.


  • J2ME v0.2.4
  • JAD
  • JAR
  • 40774 devices have reported installing Phallout successfully.


Originally, there was a searchable, ranked list of all submitted scores. This functionality has been removed, but the full list of scores is available here.

Open Bugs

  • ?? – on the download server there have been some “Attribute Mismatch” errors reported when installing to certain mobiles. If you have received this message or something similar on your phone, please let us know.
  • Motorola T720 – has a problem submitting scores, emulator not effected, just the device.

Fixed Bugs

  • Siemens M46 – has heap problems with v0.2.0.
  • Motorola T720 – fails to download OTA, usually says “Failed: file corrupt”, but other messages have been reported.
  • Siemens M46 – because of the physical size of the pixel on the screen the ball is harder to see on this phone than others.
  • Siemens M46 – on certain firmware the game becomes unstable after the first round. Symptoms include “sliding” graphics and missing ball.